May  1,  2020

Known for his stunning guitar work,his ability to tap into new sounds, and as the driving force behind Fleetwood Mac since he ( and then girlfriend Stevie Nicks) joined the band in 1973,Buckingham has left The Mac,focusing on his solo work. Now, with a three disc anthology,showcasing said works,he is hitting the road,with a stop here in the STL at The Pageant,on May 1st,2020.

Recent times have not been easy for Buckingham. He was "fired" from Fleetwood Mac,( the reason is ,well, different, depending on who you ask)and effectively sued the band. Now, as that case is settled, he can now put his focus on touring the States and playing his own tunes. With health scares and surgeries behind him,he is, again, at his peak.

With songs like "Go Insane","Holiday Road",( from the soundtrack to "National Lampoon's Vacation") and many more, fans of all ages and tastes will gather together to witness the phenon that is Lindsay Buckingham.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to see the guitar-wielding musical prowess live onstage. Tickets are on sale now,so grab yours while you can!

Tickets are available HERE 

Get a seat,and Go Insane with Lindsay Buckingham!