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Wednesday,november 27,2019

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Quiet Riot are back. Armed with a brand new Lp,

Hollywood Cowboys (2019,Frontiers Music) and a new line up,which now includes QR alumni vocalist Jizzy Pearl once again, as singer and American Idol contestant James Durbin has left the band.While three out of the four members of the act are not original to the band,they are joined by long-time drummer Frankie Banali.(Quiet Riot, Stars with Dio,W.A.S.P.) Produced by Callis Entertainment of St. Louis,the band will be joined by none other than 80's hit makers Enuff Z'Nuff,and as a special treat, The Gateway City's own Torchlight Parade will start the evening's festivities.

This is a band with a very rich history,going back to 1979,when the first incarnation of the band was born.Guitarist Randy Rhodes,who later went on to massive success with his place in Ozzy Osbourne's band.Tragically,Rhodes died in a freak plane accident.His legacy lives on still even today by guitarists the world over. The line-up who created and released the first ever heavy metal LP to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard chart

Quiet Riot Circa 1979

Today, drummer Frankie Banali,who played an instrumental part in the rise of Heavy Metal in the U.S.A. in the 1980's,is the band's only remaining 'original' member. However, some bands are meant to live  on through the hearts, minds and talent of other people over time.Quiet Riot is one of those acts....though one does wonder if today's QR line-up was even close to an idea when lead vocalist Kevin DuBrow was found dead of a cocaine overdose.

Is is a heavy metal fact, that if not for Quiet Riot's 

Metal Health lp,the tsunami of Heavy Metal, Glam Rock and the entire 1980's Metal Movement may never have happened.We owe the creators and players involved with this album with the true birth of Modern Heavy Metal as we now know it. Soon after the album's debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Charts,a title-wave of talent followed. Motley Crue,early Def Leppard,Lizzy Borden,Queensryche,and many, many more. Rock and Roll met 'The Sub-Genre' in the 80's. There was a sound for every taste,and new ones being fused together ,making for a huge selection  of hard rock music to choose from. From thrash, (Slayer, early Metallica,Omen) to Glam, ( Crue,Poison,Cinderella) to the re-birth of bands from the 70's,like KISS,who used the 80's to present a different band when they removed their trademark make-up,and, of coursem the U.K.'s hit makers Slade, who's songs Quiet Riot covered and received a great reception from fans from these cover tunes. Their first ever single on Pasha Records was "Cum On Feel The Noize", a former and quite large hit for Slade.

Metal Health (1983,Pasha Records) forced The Police's Syncronicity out of the No.1 spot on the charts,becoming the first Metal LP in history to debut at No.1. After that, all Metal hell broke loose! By 1984's release of the band's sophomore's album,Condition Critical (1984.Pasha Records),and it's lead single, "Mama,We'er All Crazee Now", yet another hit from U.K. rockers Slade,simply  cemented the band's place in Rock history even further.Vocalist DuBrow was quite a controversial figure in 80's metal, known for his quick wit and smart mouth. Whether this hurt the group or not,no one knows. It certainly kept their name  on the tongues of those who counted. The release of QR III in 1986 contained what would be their last charting hit, "The Wild and The Young". After vocalist DuBrow  was fired from the band,and  

after that,many line-ups followed, eventually  Quiet Riot went just that...quiet.....until now!

With a new line up, containing new  vocalist and American Idol contestant James Durbin,the act entered the studio and now will be releasing their newest effort, Hollywood Cowboys (2019,Frontiers Music).However, as is the way with QR, their line up has, indeed changed once again. Shortly before press time,Vocalist Durbin has left the band, and veteran vocalist and QR alumni Jizzy Pearl is back on lead vocals. With the new LP,QR have a hell of a chance to reach an entirely new generation of fans....or,an equal chance of ruining the legacy that this band has laid down. 

Jizzy Pearl,lead vocals

With a history that expands back to 1984,the 

psychedelic-kissed rock sound of  the band, then led by vocalist Donnie Vie,was sadly and wrongly lumped in with the then-on the way out Glam Rock Scene.While the group did have an aesthetic appeal,they were far from just another Glam band. Their 1989 Atco-released self-titled debut LP scored two hits,"Fly High Michelle" and the uber popular "New Thing". Sadly, with the onset of the new decade,the 1990's brought the Glam Sensation to an end,making way for the Grunge Movement.Many of the acts that the 80's were so good to ended up disbanding,with only a handful who would not only live on, but thrive.

With the mass exodus of 80's bands left to do what they could to salvage their careers,a handful of them still held a very solid fan base,no matter what what the musical fad was at the time,these bands kept their core audience,and continued to record and tour, even if the line up's changed. This is one of the few bands to survive the Glam Rock Fallout of the 90's,going on to create some of their most exciting music. Now, with bassist Chip Z'Nuff also on lead vocals,Enuff Z'Nuff are stronger than ever,and seeing them live is a testament to that statement, as I had the pleasure of doing this past Summer.

Enuff Z'Nuff,2019

Today, armed with their latest release, Diamond Boy (2019,Frontiers Music)the band have been touring like it's going out of style,and fans love it! As a special guest, the group will be the second band on the bill ,supporting Quiet Riot.

(At their last appearance in the St. Louis area,we sat down and spoke intimately with Chip Z' Nuff. Look for all of our outstanding 2019 interviews coming in December on our Podcast show,RNRI - LIVE! on Soundcloud.Hear your favourite stars in their own words!)

Starting off the evning's festivities are St. Louis' own,and best Hard Rock band,the incomparable five piece metal juggernaut,Torchlight Parade. Not only have they opened for some of the biggest names in the industry, their live shows have grown into a theatrical spectacle. Led by lead vocalist Torch,the band was created by three of the five members who all worked at....the same Funeral Home! Given that fact, and being aware of what a 'Torchlight Parade' was in reality,this band's slogan is perfect, for, as they say, "EVERYDAY IS HALLOWEEN!" Presently working on their debut lp,watch out,

because Torchlight Parade are about to start a parade of their own, into the Realms of Hard Rock Stardom.If you have not seen them live, you better get to this show, as it may be a while befor you get the chance again!

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