the  damned

Evil  Spirits

Search and Destroy Records

Spinefarm Records

Though often labeled as 'Punk',The Damned were always much more than that.With more of a Gothic,Vampiric look,their sound was more akin to Joy Division than anything that the Sex Pistols had ever done.

The Iconic quartet are credited as being the first U.K.Punk band to release not only a single,but a full-length album to back it up. Now, one year after celebrating their 40th Anniversary,the eclectic British group have unleashed their eleventh studio LP,Evil Spirits (Search and Destroy Records/Spinefarm Records).

From the opening tack,"Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow",the band lays the musical foundation of the album from the very beginning.Part precision,part chaos,all approached with a pop sensibility,Evil Spirits showcases the diversity this band is capable of.

On tracks such as "Look Left",the delivery of Dave Vanian's eerie vocal style,combined with the melancholy melody weaving through like a sad friend makes this track easily remembered,as most classic Damned songs are.

Delivering ten tracks in Classic Damned form,most of what you hear was penned by the band themselves.Recorded in just nine days,Producer Tony Visconti was able to pull out an honest,true to style performance from the quartet in a very short time.

While Evil Spirits may not win over a ton of new fans,followers of the band will surely not be disappointed.


Evil Spirits-The Damned-GRADE: B+

Marc 'Mr. Music' Farr

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